About Us

About US

Alicafé, Per’l Café, Ah Huat White Coffee, Frenché Roast, Oligo, Extra Power Root. Just some of Power Root’s best-known brands in the market. Behind each brand lies Power Root’s commitment to wellness, value and high standards. We combine traditional excellence with modern processes in developing delicious products to fit your lifestyle.

Anytime, Anywhere
Our beverages can be enjoyed at home, in the office or when you’re out and about. Relish the aroma and taste at leisure or when you need a kick of energy. Power Root is a proudly Malaysian company which aspires to share our philosophy of enjoying life’s small pleasures by expanding further beyond our borders. We are committed to making our beverages easily available to consumers no matter where they are.

Research & Development

Well-being is the foundation of Power Root products. It drives us to find better ways to produce beverages of the highest quality which are nutritional and tasty. Our Research & Development (R&D) is centred around its people and is equipped with the latest capabilities to facilitate product and process improvements. This centre is a safe, clinical environment where our highly-trained employees develop innovative products to meet changing market requirements and standards.

Future Direction

Producing high quality products that exceed customer expectations is our aim. We believe that building trust in our brands is fundamental to our growth. As Power Root pursues our global aspirations, we are determined to make our brands recognisable household names and the preferred lifestyle choice of many.